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The Circle of Parents national network works to strengthen families and help to prevent child abuse.  Each year, Circle of Parents parent and children’s groups in work with thousands of families to increase social support, teach parenting skills and increase knowledge of nurturing parenting techniques.

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Family stress is especially challenging during the holiday season.  Circle of Parents is there to support caregivers and their families to have a bright and happy holiday season.

All donations before December 31, 2022 at $50.00 and above will receive a special Circle of Parents ornament to celebrate this special season.

As a non-profit organization, Circle of Parents depends on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to help us provide our services for free or very low cost for families.  As the national center, Circle of Parents, Inc. provides training, communication, research and national standards for programs.  Your donation will help us to provide families throughout the United States with life changing programs.

All donations to Circle of Parents are tax deductible to the furthest extent of the law (please consult a tax expert about your donations – EIN#  80-0106957).

Circle of Parents – A National Network Circle of Parents is a national network of organizations working to provide families – caregivers and children – with the skills and knowledge to build strong, nurturing families.  Our national evaluations show, that by providing children’s caregivers (parents, guardians and others involved in the raising a child) with consistent and supportive parenting groups they can increase:

  • Family resiliency
  • Social support
  • Concrete support
  • Nurturing and attachment
  • Knowledge of parenting & child development

Together, this combination of skills and knowledge helps provide a stronger and more healthy home life, better parent/child bonding and helps to prevent child abuse and neglect.

A Strong Network Serving Thousands of Families

Circle of Parents member networks are in 18 regions and states, and growing every year.  With over 300 active parenting groups and over 100 children’s programs, the Circle of Parents network is making a real difference in the lives of families.   As a 501(3) non-profit organization, the national office of Circle of Parents supports state networks through providing direction and leadership, model and administrative support and a national clearing house for communication and support.

Donate Today for Stronger Families

By donating to the Circle of Parents, you can provide training and support to the hundreds of coordinators and facilitators who are making a difference in the lives of families.  Donations are critical in providing parent participants with instructional materials, tip sheets as well as manuals and guides for our children’s program groups.  Without this support, Circle of Parents would not be able to provide the tools and resources needed by the thousands of families we serve each year.

Please Donate and Make a Difference Today!

All donations to Circle of Parents are tax deductible to the furthest extent of the law (please consult a tax expert about your donations – EIN#  80-0106957).